Cosmic Hive

The user explores the universe, galaxies and black holes with the aid of immersive installations. An interaktive LED wall allows to create black holes, two screens that are equipped with depth cameras allow to observe consequences of general relativity. Video art projections illustrate the vastness of the universe, an mirror room let’s the user better understand the concept of infinity. A VR installation will then take the user face to face with a black hole.

Every installation is accompanied with a physical explanation. The combination of immersive art and simple explanations of complex ideas  allows for a far better knowledge transfer than traditional media could ever achieve.

Videoart: Betty Mü

Interactive Installations: WE ARE VIDEO (Raphael Kurig & Christian Gasteiger)

VR & Concept: Nicole Popst

durch Unterstützung von: FoDaKu (Fonds der Darstellenden Künste)

photos by © Sara Kurig and © Miki Kuschel