Dans Drauganna

Dans Drauganna is a Virtual Reality Dance Experience and narrative rythm Game that brings
spirituality into our digital existence. It let’s us raise our awareness through dance by showing us
forgotten or not yet imagined life forms – that ultimately are ourselfs.

Format: VR mobile (for Quest and similiar)

Production: Reynard Films

state: in development

When we start the experience, we suddenly find ourself alone and lost in a mystical cyber forest – a world in between, that is neither earthian, spiritual, nor virtual. From a far, we hears rhythmical music. When we come closer, she recognizes an androgyn shaman, that summons dancing spirits. The shaman is glad to see us and talks to us, he tells us that the spirit world has fallen into chaos and he needs our help to bring the universe back into harmony. The shamans wants us to join the shadow like spirits in their dance and to become one with them and thereby incarnating in other life-forms. When we follow that appeal and walk into a shadow – mimicking its movements – the scenery suddenly changes and we transitions into the world of the spirit. We incarnate into the reality of another life form from another time by dancing with the spirit. The worlds in these spirits depict life cycles in nature – the beginning of life to its end and its different development phases in between – from earthly to alien, from organic to artificial. The player incarnates in all of them to be reminded that she is part of all these forgotten or yet to come life forms. The player can choose for how long she wants to dance with the shadows. By interacting with the shaman more spirits can be summoned by him to open up more and more worlds for the player.